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Friday, May 26, 2006 


I am currently attempting to grow the largest cress the world has ever seen! To track the progress of little “cresspo” as I have called him, I created a cresspo-meter. I’ll be keeping this up-to-date, so any noticeable change in height can be recorded and the good people at the Guinness World Records can let me know when I have won a world record, although I’m not sure anyone out there has done this before…

**CRESSPO UPDATE 29/05/2006**

Cresspo has grown to a whopping quarter of a meter!

Does 25cm count as a tree?...

shotgun eating the cress!

Cresspo has flowers now - do you still want to eat it?!

Mmmmm.... eating flowers, my secret shame!

**CRESSPO UPDATE 04/06/2006**

Cresspo has grown to a sky scraping 40cm!

A photo will follow soon...

That definatly counts as a tree.


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