Thursday, February 22, 2007 

Neighbourhood Weird Watch 1

Name: Sargent Spaghetti (real name unknown)
Location: South Kensington Tube Station,Thursday 7th December 2006, 8pm.
Description: An doddery old man, in a veterans jacket, walking along the platform, eating spaghetti bolognese...

out of a Tesco carrier bag...

with his hands :S
  • Skill - 5/5 (no mean feat!)
  • Style - 3/5 (nice jacket)
  • Danger - 1/5 (danger of spillage/splatter)
  • Context - 5/5 (possibly the weirdest sight of my life)
  • Overall - 3.5/5
A good score overall, reflected by the fact I am filled with joy whenever I recall the incident!

Sunday, February 18, 2007 

Chinese New Year

Today was the start of the Chinese New Year celebrations, and there was lots going down in China Town! So much so, we couldn't see any of it. I did catch a glimpse of a mischievous lion, and got this funky dragon toy:

Funky Dragon

2007 is the Year of the Pig, and as I was born in 1982, the Year of the Dog, apparently I have the following traits:

Loyal, modest, dependable, just, patient, intelligent, honest, well-meaning, caring.

Nervous, quick-temper, judgmental, gullible, self-righteous, pessimistic, petty, accusing.

I guess I can see something in that...

Monday, February 12, 2007 

London Fashion Week

Proof, if you needed it, that day-glo really is the new black:

Quick-Don on the catwalk

Saturday, February 10, 2007 

Full Frontal

On my general meanders about town when I am trying to spot weirds and different bird species I have noticed there is a specialist shop for EVERYTHING in London. Here are some examples:

Sim's: A step up from an internet cafe, a restaurant selling virtual food served by virtual waiters (I think).

Sims Sign

Televole: God knows what this sold, any ideas? Possibly some strange hybrid between a TV shop and a pet shop for small woodland creatures.

Televole Sign

Accordions: There should be more use of accordions in pop music, and for that matter hurdy gurdys too!

Accordions Sign

Fireworks: and exclamation marks!!! Count 'em!!!

Awesome Fireworks Sign

This gave me some ideas for shops that I could start up:
  • Flutopia: A shop selling mainly flutes. Heavenly!
  • Kebabsolutely Fabulous: A kebab house themed on the popular TV show.
  • Man Summers: A shop where its ok for men to go and buy underwear for their wives/girlfriends without feeling perv-y.

Friday, February 09, 2007 

Neighborhood Weird Watch

Living in London is great, loads of things to see and do. The bright lights of the big city also seem to be a big draw for the vagabonds of the country, people that society have rejected. This has prompted me to start a new feature, sensitively called "Weird Watch!". Each week (or not) I will post new odd-balls sightings, or classics from the past. Consider it a public service :)

Each entry will begin with the "facts";

Name: If real name is not known, I shall make up something appropriate :)
Location: Where and when.
Description: Notes on behavior.

I have also devised a sophisticated rating scale, in order to allow you to understand the extent of the "weirdness";
  • Skill - Fairly obvious
  • Style - How well do they pull it off?
  • Danger - Did I feel threatened?
  • Context - How weird are they, given the situation?
  • Overall - Average the lot for an overall weird rating.
BTW "I'm not avin' a go", I am just celebrating the peculiarities of life. If you find yourself on the list please please don't be offended.

Or get in touch :S