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Tuesday, April 10, 2007 

Paganello 7: Lets do one (Monday and Tuesday)

We had just one game remaining against an American team L.B. Stalkers, win this and we get an odd number finish, top of the bottom half.

It was a really good close game, which to'd and fro'd between the two teams. However, throughout this tournament, we have had the tendency to win in these situations. We dug deep and won the game! It was great to finish the tournament on a high and 25th (our original seeding - so was it a waste of time? :P )

Following the game we "hung out" with the other team for ages having a laugh, especially with the bloke who "won the party" the night before :P Throughout the week our calls were quite imaginative. We had one inspired by the Gladiators Duel with the pugel sticks but using punch balloons with the contenders standing on one leg :) they then had to put the other person off balance by hitting them in the face with the balloon. We also played Show using a banana and even the infamous Bangernuts also made a couple of appearances. Here is John getting a face full of punch balloon:


Eventually we got some beers and went to enjoy / spectate / heckle at the finals. And there was plenty to cheer for, with two (ahem) "British" teams in the finals. I think our chanting helped quite a lot, as Cake or Death won the Women's Final and UTI beat No-Tsu-Oh (remember them?) to win the Open final.

After the presentation ceremony, and our moment on stage, we shot back to the hotel and back out to the Rose and Crown, as this is traditionally the Brits go here on the last night. I was rather tired of pizza and pasta so I had a glorious steak :) I'm surprised that Italians are so healthy - they just eat carbs and protein for every single meal, there is no five-a-day, (unless you count tomatoes). It was consistently good food, but variety is in short supply - I mean who has ham and cheese for breakfast?!

We were out till about 4:30 and wandered back. 4 hours later and its time to do one. All the while in Rimini I must not have left a 2km strip a block wide. So much for seeing Italy :P Its only when I got to the airport and saw off into the hills you realise what else is going on.

Overall it was a great tournament and bags of fun!