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Saturday, April 07, 2007 

Paganello 4: Highs, Mediums, Lows. (Friday)

So today the tournament actually begins, and as luck would have it we had an easy warm up match against title holders No-Tsu-Oh (Houston backwards - geddit?) :S In the spectator arena no less :S :S

What followed was one of the best frisbee matches I have had the pleasure to play in. No-Tsu-Oh started on O, meaning they had the disc, and we were trying to stop them scoring. In front of a considerable crowd and against considerable odds Si got the D and then hucked it to Rob in the endzone! The crowd went wild and so did the team as we stormed the pitch to congratulate ourselves! For that one point we were effectively winning Paganello...

No-Tsu-Oh didn't look back as they proceeded to beat us 15-6 :P Not before I scored though :D I celebrated in customary "salkswagon" fashion for about five minutes (after the game they awarded me a MVP prize for it - they gave me a houstonist t-shirt which is pretty cool).

I don't think any of us had delusions about beating them, but I think we all enjoyed the game. Its not often you get to play teams of this standard, let alone go 1-0 up :) It transpires later that we scored more points against them than a European team called seXXXpensive in their semi final, which is pretty cool.

Our next game was far less memorable despite beating Swiss team "Wombats" (13-8) but this set us up for our next game against fellow Brits "OW!". If we win this game we break into the top 24. Unfortunately for us OW! played pretty well and made very few errors. The final score was 15-5.So a day of highs, mediums and lows but still plenty to play for over the next few days. If we win our next four games, we get a chance to recover back into the top 24...

The evening was spent at a pizzeria with the team. I busied myself trying to create nicknames for the new guys, simply because I kept getting their real names mixed up. So Al became "Spoon", Sam became, "Drew Peacock" and Rob became "Rab" (which didn't stick). The party at the big-top was pretty quiet so we set about letting everyone know where EMO are from:

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