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Wednesday, April 04, 2007 

Paganello 1: Touch down, Rose and Crown (Tuesday)

I am in Rimini, Italy for the Paganello Beach Ultimate Championship with East Midlands Open. It starts in a couple of days, finishing on Easter Monday.

I touched down yesterday morning with Maggers and Tom, along with a couple of frisbee teams. Me and Maggers made the error of not booking somewhere to stay for the first night we were here, so stayed in the same hotel as the great guys from "Super Manschaft".

Yesterday, myself, Maggers and Tom went in search of our hotel for the rest of the week, but got bored and hit a bar. Which was amazing because we got loads of free snacks :D The more we drinks we ordered the better the snacks became. We had crisps, nuts, olives, mini pizzas and some smelly cheese too! Tom put the smelly cheese in his pocket though because he didn't want to offend the nice bar man, as he was obviously quite proud of his snacky gifts. He even made the best of a car alarm by dancing to it. Something tells me we will be frequent customers there this week. Even if just to see what interesting snacks we might get :)

Already quite drunk, we went in search of food and had pizza. This might sound predictable, but the main strip in Rimini is simply made up of hotels and pizzerias. We were living it up in the Italian version of Eastborne and loving it!

So, obviously we went on to your typical Italian pub. Wrong. Established in 1964 the "Rose and Crown" is the first English style pub in Italy (I wonder if there is an Italian themed pub in Eastborne?). It was a cosy affair, familiar English bears and footy on the telly. Tom and Maggers set about losing at darts to the locals. They soon gave up and decided to try their luck against a couple of yanks. They were an "interesting" pair to say the least. Neil, a waiter from Seattle, is an aspiring freestyle frisbee player, here for the World Freestyle Championships which is held alongside the beach tournement. He told me EVERYTHING he knew about the Paciffic Rim. The older guy, from Boston, was a poet who used to play in the NBA, and his son is the current World Freestyle Champion. He blew my mind with his rhyming theories on paralell dimensions :)

Then, while the house band performed, Nathan and Tate from Super Manschaft turned up. They were thouroughly ashamed of our drunken state, and we regailled them with our adventure so far. Again. And again. And agian. Mostly about the free snacks.

So, to the slotties! I disgraced myself on the dance mat game, which Nathan recorded for posterity and my shame. Thanks. I was dancing like I was posessed by the spirit of Mick Jagger! A few woeful attempts at a driving game (Don't drink and drive. Really - don't!) and we ran home becasue Maggers did and that made some sort of strange sense at the time. We lost Tom who went in serach of "Mangina Pizza Parlour" or some such fast food place.

I crashed into bed and slept. Until I was woken by the sound of the Earth shifting to due to Toms almighty snoring. I woke up feeling bright and cheery, went down stairs for breakfast, the usual continetal affair. I stocked up on packets of chocolate spread :)

P.s. Its raining today so I have found internet access in an amusement arcade.You type in a special code and stick some money in the slot. A little warning pops up when you are about to run out of time, which I missed, so this is the second time I have typed this out. D'oh! For some reason its never as good at the second attempt, apologies for that and my spelling errors due to frantic typing!