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Monday, March 19, 2007 

Ensis Ensis

The last four days have been spent taking a break from London, at Emma's parents house in Wales. It made a nice change to see clean rain.

Inspired by Ray Mears we (Me, Emma, Emma's dad Jon, and brother Colin) went on an adventure to Cefn Sidan to catch razor shells. The technique for catching them requires you to first find a tiny hole in the sand as evidence of the creatures location. Then you smother the area in salt, pour water down it, and see if anything squirms up thinking the tide has come in.

Unfortunately, after a good few hours all I ended up catching was a couple of clams, and I nearly got stranded on a island of sand as the tide came in around me!

I couldn't even bring myself to eat them... So I put them in a tub of salt water and accidentally poisoned the poor things - bless :S