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Friday, February 09, 2007 

Neighborhood Weird Watch

Living in London is great, loads of things to see and do. The bright lights of the big city also seem to be a big draw for the vagabonds of the country, people that society have rejected. This has prompted me to start a new feature, sensitively called "Weird Watch!". Each week (or not) I will post new odd-balls sightings, or classics from the past. Consider it a public service :)

Each entry will begin with the "facts";

Name: If real name is not known, I shall make up something appropriate :)
Location: Where and when.
Description: Notes on behavior.

I have also devised a sophisticated rating scale, in order to allow you to understand the extent of the "weirdness";
  • Skill - Fairly obvious
  • Style - How well do they pull it off?
  • Danger - Did I feel threatened?
  • Context - How weird are they, given the situation?
  • Overall - Average the lot for an overall weird rating.
BTW "I'm not avin' a go", I am just celebrating the peculiarities of life. If you find yourself on the list please please don't be offended.

Or get in touch :S