Monday, July 23, 2007 

Neighbourhood Weird Watch 5

Name: Don Crown AKA "Budgieman"
Location: South Bank, Saturday 22nd July 2007, 4pm.
Description: The Famous Budgie Entertainer

  • Skill - 5/5 (He can play a number of instruments and composes all of his work in his head)
  • Style - 1/5 (Maybe he should dress as a budgie?)
  • Danger - 0/5 (Budgieman frowns upon those who smoke near his budgies!)
  • Context - 5/5 (This is weird, even for the South Bank)
  • Overall - 2.75/5
As a young man Don realised he had budgie power. Following this discovery is an amazing tale of a sign painter turned entertainer, whose popularity is growing by using the internet to promote himself and his music. However, with great power comes great responsibility; Budgieman does not squander his gift, as he sings about the monarchy in "Queen Mothers Love" and tackles the heavy weight issue of the smoking ban in "I Don't Like Smoke". By standing up for what he believes in he stands out from the rest of the "performers" on the South Bank, who mostly just stand still painted silver asking for money! Here's some advice: get some animals, train 'em up and write some tunes which not only entertain but make people think! Yeah!

I know what you're thinking now though. Is Budgieman all that weird? Afterall, other acts have incorporated our feathered friends before. Where would Keith Harris be without Orville? And Rod Hull without Emu? And all this got me thinking; what other bird themed entertainment would I like to see?

  • A team of stunt peregrine falcons (who can dive at 200mph!)
  • A pair of penguins that can make cocktails to music
  • A woodpecker that tells knock-knock jokes :)