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Wednesday, May 16, 2007 

Portakabin, I mean, Concorde Visit.

Today I visited the Concorde laid to rest at Filton Airfeild, the very last one to fly (#216-AF). Instead of tickets we had cute little boarding passes, and there were airport style announcements to let visitors know what was going on. The people who run the museum are really passionate about Concorde because they used to work on the original project and know literally everything about it and have some funny stories to tell;

Once, one of the chaps, went in the airtake whilst hydraulic power was on, despite the sign advising the contrary! Oh how we laughed.

Danger - Do not use for access...

Also, there was a short mini-bus tour of the airfield itself, taking in the sites. Infact, Filton Airfield is the Europe's Second Largest site for the number of portakabins.

And as if that's not enough, here's the biggy - it hosts Europes Largest Portakabin! It can only be described as gargantuan! I think the rule is; if two (or more) portakabins are touching it counts as one. I can't begin to imagine how big the Worlds Largest Portakabin is... but I know I want to see it :D

I've flown into that airfield on a tiny little 18 seater aircraft. I was one of 7 passengers, they put 6 of us on one side and the 1 fat guy on his own on the other side! Oh how I chuckled...!

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