Friday, May 26, 2006 


I am currently attempting to grow the largest cress the world has ever seen! To track the progress of little “cresspo” as I have called him, I created a cresspo-meter. I’ll be keeping this up-to-date, so any noticeable change in height can be recorded and the good people at the Guinness World Records can let me know when I have won a world record, although I’m not sure anyone out there has done this before…

Monday, May 22, 2006 

Wonderful Kobenhavn

Last week I went to Copenhagen for a Frisbee tournament with EMO, we came 17th out of 32 top European teams! :D Here’s what I got up to :)

Despite getting injured on the Friday I still had a great time, especially on the extra day I had exploring with Freddie and Blacks. Early on we went to see the Little Mermaid (I’ve seen smaller). Whilst there we saw a folk trio with possibly the largest guitar ever made. It used metal ropes instead of strings and the guy playing it had to use gloves to stop his hands being ripped apart by the epic sounds being generated! I want one!

Then we ventured to Christiana, a sort of shanty town for hippies akin to that created during Glastonbury, but people actually live there under the control of a mighty wizard and his pet monkey. Unfortunately we didn’t see the wizard, but rumour has it he wears his beard as a kind of toga.

From Christiana we saw “Our Saviours Church” on top of which was a massive black and gold tower, probably the highest point in Copenhagen. 400 steps later were at the top wondering what to do next. Using our map of Copenhagen, Freddie proceeded to make possibly the worst paper aeroplane ever, launched it with the wind and it flew for what must have been an hour! (30 seconds) It was an awesome sight to behold, and turned out to be the most aerodynamically sound paper aircraft ever made.

We concluded our day with a meal at “The Viking” and according to the menu it was the kind of food that Thor ate all the time. So I had Thor’s Stew, which was proper tasty. Copenhagen has many other culinary delights to offer, I would recommend:

> Sausage stands – they’re everywhere, get a Medister I svob,
> Spunk – little parrot shaped wine gums, but don’t get the liquorice ones.
> Waffles – served by local Copenhagen lovelies, and the waffles are tasty too.
> Plopp – Caramel centred chocolate bar, an ideal last minute gift bought at Malmo airport.

After eating we went to “The Olde English Pub” to see how Danes imagined us Brits. It was a classy joint in a colonial style with elephant heads on the walls. Unfortunately there were no top hats or monocles to be seen, so they’ve obviously got it all wrong - what what, those cra-zy Danes!

Sunday, May 21, 2006 

3, 2, 1 blog!

Paul Salkeld's World's Fastest Blogspot Makeover Nightmares Live!

not sure what that means yet, but hopefully it will be fun :D