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Sunday, April 08, 2007 

Paganello 5: How? Why? Hollywood! (Saturday)

As a result of yesterdays games we set ourselves the daunting task of winning the next four in a row, five if you include the crossover itself. Basically, on Saturday we won our three games :D

EMO 12 - 8 Hallunken (German)
EMO 10 - 6 ZUF (Swiss)
EMO 9 - 7 Hook

After the games I had to rush back so that I could make my costume for the Saturday night party. If there is one thing that EMO excel at it's faffing. We are also good at mincing and procrastinating. So me and Russ decided to develop an anti-faff policy, and it worked! I picked up some cardboard from the supermarket and made, to be fair, a poor quality costume - sorry guys. But it did only take 10 minutes to make and Maggers nearly cut my hand off with a pen knife :S

The theme was Hollywood, which we took literally and dressed up as the infamous sign. It was rather amusing wandering through town (in the correct order of course) and rearranging to make other silly words. See the montage, oooh:

Hollywood Montage

So after taking a whole bunch of photos we went to the party itself. The band were odd to say the least. They started as a Rocky Horror Show tribute and played Time Warp about three times. Then they changed to classic rock which was much better.

Other teams had dressed up as A Clockwork Orange, Ghost Busters, Pirates of the Caribbean etc. It was great to see that most teams had made an effort. I found out the next day that Russ spent part of the night dressed in just a feather boa. I don't know whether to be pleased or disappointed I missed it...