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Thursday, November 09, 2006 

WUCC Update 1

Four days in already! I can't really tell if I have been affected by jet lag just yet, but I feel tired at night which is a good sign.

On the first day here we went into the centre of Perth (on the train, as we are staying at Cottesloe on the coast) and wandered round the Kings Park and botanical gardens. The spot had great views over the Swan River, and attracted a good range of wildlife. So far I have seen a bob-tail lizard and a host of parrots "busy" with the mating season :)

Getting into the spirit of the Australian way of life has been cool. There is a relaxed atmosphere about the place (even in the city) and my free time has been mostly spent on the beach. I have tried my hand at body-boarding, which was great fun, especially on the odd occasion when I caught a good wave and graciously drifted back onto the shore :D Also, trying to surf one "properly" is a good way of ensuring an injury or two.

Evenings have been spent variously at the pub, the WUCC welcomers party and watching films in the hostel (Jackass 2 is sick!). In the pub next door we saw the same guy chucked out three times, I think he had won big betting on the Melbourne Cup that day :P

It's not all been relaxing though... After all, we are here for a tournament, so we have had a bit of training too. We played mini on the beach on the second day, and had a close friendly against the New Zealand team "Magon" (lost 13:11) which was great for getting used to playing in the heat.

Really looking forward to the tournament now, and tomorrow the rest of the team arrive and we move accommodation to the city which is closer to the playing fields.

Excitement levels are building :P