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Friday, December 29, 2006 

WUCC Update 2: Do you do digeridoo?

We moved into our new accommodation, or "Holiday Units", and its as bad as it sounds. However, it is near Kings Park, with a lovely view across the Kwinana Freeway...

We also got our Player Packs which included lots of lovely freebies;
  • Boot Bag,
  • Disc,
  • Player Pass and Handbook etc
  • Camping Towel,
  • Keyring,
  • Car Sticker, and best of all,
  • Flip Flops (known as Thongs in Australia)
Our Players Handbook contained a handy guide to other commonly used Australian slang, my particular favourites being;

cackleberry: an egg,
by jingoes!: an exclamation of surprise,
skedaddle: to depart quickly,
woop woop: somewhere out in the sticks.

Also, to inspire us for the week of games there was an opening ceremony! This was an impressive display of everything Australian; digeridoo music and Aboriginal dancing, the opening game of the tournament and of course, the Vegemite Dancers.