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Friday, January 05, 2007 

The Blogspot Review II

A further sixteen weeks have passed, so it's time for another review.

I am still yet make those posts about T-shirts, noises and obelisk. Maybe they will come up. Or maybe I should stop making rash promises... Also, I haven't exposed anything particularly controversial in a Channel 4 way, until now! The other day I saw schoolies wearing hoodies as part of their uniform! Dun Dun durrrr!
Being a toolie (Australian for Too Old for Schoolie) I guess I don't understand.

Fast Fact: 54.16% of my blog posts contain pictures!

I think this trend is set to continue, especially as I have a whizzy new camera phone. This will be very helpful for an all-new feature called "Weird Watch!" containing little bits and stories about the odd things I see about London, and hopefully some pics too. The first story is astonishing, so keep a wary eye open for that. I'm also going to post more pictures onto my Flickr gallery, a preview of which is shown in the side bar just there -->

Another cutting edge feature of the blog worth pointing out is the RSS feed, which beams the latest posts by satellite straight to your news reader, how helpful is that? BUT you would miss out on seeing the classic blog stylings (which are here to stay! - thank you for the lovely comments about the banner at the top).

Until next time...