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Saturday, December 30, 2006 

WUCC Update 5: They think its all over...

Overall we finished 17th and beat our seeded position of 18th. Personally I scored 3 goals, provided 2 assists and got 1 block (using my crotch!). Scoring my first goal felt amazing, I celebrated for about 5 minutes and got face ache from grinning like a gibbon. In the end, Open finalists Buzz Bullets were awesome and seemed deserved winners.

Australia was bonza, shame I didn't have time to make the most of it and travel around, so I would definitely go again. I had lots of laughs, so thanks go to everyone on the team for that. There are hundreds of photos on the EMO Flickr Gallery.

Lastly, I must apologise for not updating the blog at the time, the internet was not available at the pitches so I couldn't put up the posts. Oh, and safe travels to the members of the team who are doing so.

And Pink Cass, have you got any aftersun? Then put it on! :P