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Saturday, February 10, 2007 

Full Frontal

On my general meanders about town when I am trying to spot weirds and different bird species I have noticed there is a specialist shop for EVERYTHING in London. Here are some examples:

Sim's: A step up from an internet cafe, a restaurant selling virtual food served by virtual waiters (I think).

Sims Sign

Televole: God knows what this sold, any ideas? Possibly some strange hybrid between a TV shop and a pet shop for small woodland creatures.

Televole Sign

Accordions: There should be more use of accordions in pop music, and for that matter hurdy gurdys too!

Accordions Sign

Fireworks: and exclamation marks!!! Count 'em!!!

Awesome Fireworks Sign

This gave me some ideas for shops that I could start up:
  • Flutopia: A shop selling mainly flutes. Heavenly!
  • Kebabsolutely Fabulous: A kebab house themed on the popular TV show.
  • Man Summers: A shop where its ok for men to go and buy underwear for their wives/girlfriends without feeling perv-y.

there is a place in West Drayton called
Leicester has
"Prawns for you"
there was a place in Perth called absolute cobblers

surely the fish and chip shop called
"assault and battery" would win a prize?

or the hair dresser called "curl up and dye"?

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